Pocket knives have always been the core of our product range. They are handmade by us in Solingen.

The blades of most models are available in both cast steel and stainless steel. The handles made of Bubinga hardwood or high-strenght plastic are hand-riveted, sanded and polished.
As a result, the knives are very pleasant to hold and have a good grip.


Whether in industry or in craft businesse or in house and garden – our "small" work knives can be used in a variety of ways. These knives have a very good price-performance ratio – wihout any compromise on the top quality of the blades.


Our large work knives are specially optimized for professional use, e.g. in fish or meat processing.

The blades are particularly thin grinded, extremely sharp and easy to re-sharpen. We use hygienic, particularly easy-to-grip plastic for the handles of our large work knives, the knives can also be gripped safely with gloves.

Hobby chefs who appreciate extreme sharpness more than fancy design do also like our large knives.


C. Lütters & Cie. has a long tradition of making scissors. Even if scissors are no longer a focus of our product range, at the request of our customers we decided to continue to offer two special, "semi-professional" scissors - the wick scissors and the classic tailor's scissors.

Like all of our products, both models are very robust and of high quality.


C. Lütters & Cie with the well-known brand name "LOEWENMESSER" looks back on more than 180 years of tradition. The company has been family-owned since it was founded in 1840.

In the pre-war period in particular, a large variety of products was manufactured - in addition to the pocket and fixed knives still produced today, there was also a large selection of scissors, cutlery, razors and blades and even other household items.

After the 2nd World War, in which large parts of the production facilities were destroyed, we concentrated more and more on particularly robust and high-quality knives for professional use.

Many of our customers are in the maritime business – fishing supplies dealers, fishing companies, shipyards, offshore service providers. Accordingly, our customers can be found wherever the sea is not far - in northern Germany as well as in the Nordic countries, in Great Britain and Ireland, but also in the Mediterranean region and even in southern Africa and the Americas.